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Wall-Mounted Brooms Mops Holder

Wall-Mounted Brooms Mops Holder

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Hang Your Broom and Mop 

Wall-Mounted Holder creates an easy storage for your Broom, Mops, Shovels etc. No more messy hallways. Create a neat and organized storage solution with ease. The backyard shed offers ample storage for your various tools such as rakes, shovels, and dusters. The more you purchase, the more space you will have for additional tools. Our Wall-Mounted Brooms Mops Holder makes storage a breeze with a simple push mechanism. No more struggling to find the right place to hang your items, this hanger is designed to make organization a quick and effortless task. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a more organized home.

Easy placement: 

The holder has a flexible sideways extension that allows for easy placement of any item in between. They are ideal for securely hanging brooms, mops, dustpans etc. The hangers provide customizable space-saving solutions for your household. The unique design accommodates any item with ease.

Ideal for Utility Rooms: 

Perfect for the garage, laundry, pantry and linen cupboard, each hook has a push-in design with a flexible silicone grip that firmly keeps hold of everything from cleaning equipment to gardening tools.

Suitable for all types of tools:

 Our product can hold tools less than 2kg. Overweight tools may decrease product lifespan to less than a year.

Provides organized environment:

Creates a clean and clutter-free space. Organize your laundry, linen cupboard, or garage with our Wall-Mounted Broom & Mop Holder! 

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